Foods to Try In Fiji on Your All-Inclusive Family Vacation

By | September 6, 2023

Fiji is famous for its coastal land rather than its cuisine. There are several walking through gardens and history museum. The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is the center of all eyes. There are several things to do on these beaches. Not only this, but if you visit the island, you will love Fiji cuisine because of the traditional cooking methods. It is rich in chilies and curries, which make it a distinct cuisine. Taro, fish, coconut, cassava, rice, sweet potato, and others are used in the cuisines. Some other dishes are given below.



You must try this dish on All Inclusive Family Vacation. It is popular as the name of the Fijian asparagus. It is a cane flower that is unopened. It is a plant that is like sugar cane. It is available in other pacific islands and Southeast Asia. In Fiji, you will see all the green and red varieties of food. In this food, the locals use different curries or coconut milk.


Fijis serve this dish at large social gatherings and parties, including festivals and weddings. The locals cook this dish in their homemade oven. They make the oven by making a hole in the ground and filling it with coconut husk. It catches on fire, and they cover it with a stone. They wrap vegetables, fish, and meat in taro and banana wraps. They use chicken, pork, and love in the form of meat. They cook it for three hours and make it tender and flavorful. It contains a smoky flavor. It is highly delicious and famous in the entire area. It is easily available in hotels, restaurants, and even as a food street.

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