Discover the Unique Experience of an Unusual Amélie Poulain Room in Montmartre

By | June 10, 2024

Adrien Hardy (author of the best-seller book “Financing your dreams of adventure through real estate”) is pleased to announce the opening of an exceptional new chambre d’hôtes, inspired by the famous film “Amélie Poulain.” Nestled in the heart of Montmartre, this unusual room promises total immersion in a retro-chic atmosphere, peppered with nods to the cult film.

Amélie Poulain

An unusual Parisian experience

Amélie In Paris” offers travelers the opportunity to experience an enchanted getaway, with magic around every corner. Located in a dynamic neighborhood, close to the Moulin Rouge, Les Batignolles, and numerous shops and restaurants, this bed & breakfast is also well served by public transport (line 13, RER C), making it easy to explore the city.

A charming and inspiring refuge

Whether you’re a film buff or simply looking for an unusual experience in Montmartre, “Amélie In Paris” offers you a charming refuge where imagination comes to life. Every moment spent here is an invitation to creativity and daydreaming, whether sipping a coffee in a cozy corner, admiring the nostalgic mementos hanging on the walls or getting lost in a book of riddles.

Amelie Poulain

Total immersion in Montmartre

Outdoors, lose yourself in the enchanting maze of Montmartre’s winding streets. Explore the charming boutiques, lively cafés and vibrant street art around every corner. Feel the pulse of the city as you stroll through Place du Tertre or climb the steps of the majestic Sacré-Coeur Basilica.

A Sanctuary of Comfort and Tranquility

After a day of adventure, return to your peaceful sanctuary, where comfort and tranquility await you. Relax with a book in our cozy living space, or enjoy a glass of wine on the charming balcony overlooking the bustling streets below.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or discovering Paris for the first time, our unique Montmartre room promises an incomparable experience. Live like a local, soak up the rich tapestry of Parisian life and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Adrien Hardy

Adrien Hardy’s Vision

Founder Adrien Hardy comments: “I loved the film Amélie Poulain, which puts Paris on the international map in a remarkable way. Amélie’s mission in the film, which is to do good around her, corresponds exactly to the spirit of this unusual room.

Find out how Adrien Hardy, real estate entrepreneur and author of the best-selling book “Financing your dreams of adventure through real estate”