How to get to the Okavango Delta

By | December 12, 2021

Access to the Okavango Delta is limited by the water quality and remote location of the lodges. Light aircraft are the best way to get there. Although some camps do offer road transport, this is very rare.

International Airports

Maun Airport in northern Botswana is the nearest international airport to Okavango Delta. This airport is known as the “gateway to Okavango”. You can also reach the Okavango via Kasane International Airport in the Chobe region, but this is slower and more costly.


Daily flights to Maun Airport are available from Johannesburg and Cape Town. Airlink offers flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town, while Air Botswana only operates a scheduled flight between Johannesburg and Maun. These direct flights take approximately 2 hours and arrive in Maun at around 1.30pm.

International connections to Johannesburg or Cape Town should allow at least 2.5 hours, ideally 3 hours, between flights. If required, we can help with accommodation in Johannesburg

How to get from Maun to the Okavango Delta Safari Camps

A representative will meet you at Maun Airport and assist you to board your charter flight to your Okavango camp. This flight typically takes between 15-30 minutes depending on which camp you are flying to. This scenic flight is a great introduction to Okavango Delta. Larger animals like elephants, buffalo, and giraffe can often be seen from the vantage point.

Combining several camps in Okavango or the surrounding area, you can again transfer by light aircraft. These flights take between 15 and 30 minutes between the airstrips.

There are many charter operators that can be used in conjunction with camps.

The Okavango does not have a fixed flight schedule. The charter operations team sets departure and arrival times each day. This is why times can’t be predicted ahead of time. International arrivals and departures will always be considered when flights are scheduled. To minimize disruption, flights between camps will always be operated between activities whenever possible. Your guide will inform you of your flight time the day before.

The Okavango flight transfer tickets are booked on a ticket only basis, on shared charter flights and not on a private charter basis to keep the fares down. These flights can stop at up to three different airports before arriving at your camp. This is to ensure that they run efficiently and keep air fares low. The stops are quick and efficient. Often the engines are not turned off (a hot-turn around) and can last only 10 minutes.

How to get from Chobe to Okavango Delta safari camp camps from Victoria Falls

You can arrange for seats on a charter flight with your Okavango camp host from either the Chobe area or Victoria Falls. These flights can take between 60 and 80 minutes, depending on where you are staying and the area that you visit. These flights are approximately $400 per person.


Cessna C182, C206 and C210 are the most commonly used aircraft for a Botswana safari. The aircraft can only carry 20kg per person. To allow the pilot to load the bags into the pod below, the bags must be soft-sided. Carrying hard cases is not allowed.

Civil aviation regulations prohibit charter flights from flying in darkness. It is also not possible to land at remote airstrips without lights. If you arrive late enough for the pilot to return, you’ll need to stay the night at Maun (usually Maun), and then fly the next day.

To book a place on a charter flight, you must provide your full name, nationality, and weight. This is necessary for safety reasons. Charter operators may have a maximum weight limit of 100kgs. Passengers who exceed this weight will be charged an additional fee.