Cheap & Chill: The Best Things to do in Valencia

By | December 12, 2021

Valencia is definitely one of those cities that always offers something that makes you want to come back  and explore its streets  time and time again. Either for a weekend escape, or a seasonal vacation,  you’ll most likely always find new things in this city every time you return.

One of the things that make it the most appealing for travelers is that it doesn’t matter if you are not the kind of traveler that wanders around with the highest budget or a full wallet; it is actually possible to enjoy a nice stay here without having to carry on with the guilt of having an empty bank account.

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Enjoy Valencia without having to spend your whole year income into it

1)  You can’t say that you’ve been to this city without booking a free tour. As it might sound repetitive, the truth is that there are countless of agencies and places that offer this kind of service around the city. You would need countless visits to this city  to do them all and visit all of its magnificent places.

2)  A visit to Valencia would never be complete without going to Valencia’s City of Arts & Sciences.  As it is a very touristic place, it is highly advices to book a guided tour and your entrances to the oceanography museum.

3)  A visit to the Gulliver Park is also a must-do, especially if you have children with you (Or even if you Don’t).  As its name says, and if you’re familiar with the literary figure you can guess, it is a “giant” park where this figure will be lying down so you can use the numerous slides that are built in the structure.

4)  Something that must definitely be done when you visit this city is going to the “Lonja de la Seda”.  Its architectural beauty is one of the most photo-friendly places that you could ever visit, and the fact that it is totally free on Sundays makes it the perfect place to start the Sunday Walk.

5)  Walking around  the Turia Gardens is also another way to enjoy the city views. This green space has a pretty easy access with its convenient location. From there you can easily access any transportation, taxies or transfer Valencia services to continue on with the tour.

You can visit the Serranos and Quart towers to finish your Sunday walk. Just as Lonja de la seda, these are completely free of charge on Sundays, which makes them the perfect spot to watch the sunset after a nice day of urban exploration.