The Best Destinations in the Albanian Riviera to See

By | October 3, 2022

Riviera is the name given to a piece of coastline where landscape and glamor hold hands and toast with champagne. It is true that, even in the low season, it was possible to detect that some places have the potential to rise in the jump. But Albania still needs to eat a lot of tuna steak with avocado to be a Croatia of life. For now, it’s worth it for the beautiful blue beaches of light stones, the crystal clear sea, the low prices and the certainty of being in a little (or nothing) beaten place. In the summer, it’s worth the party too – but that doesn’t necessarily involve glamor.

aqua marine Vlore

Albanian Riviera, after all.

Coming from Sarandë, in the extreme south, the SH8 road moves a little away from the coast and approaches the coast around the height of the town of Lukovë. It is there, more or less, that the piece that has been called Riviera begins. The filet from the Albanian coast extends to Dhërmi, adding up to a total of a measly 50 kilometers. Precisely for this reason, it is better to choose a place to make a base and go on round trips than to jump from branch to branch.

In Balkan Peninsula, there is a really big amphitheatre, a must-visit place for very tourist. It is included in the UNESCO heritage. There is an antique Greek colony city of Apolonia in Fier. The charming site of this archeological country park is very interesting. There is a well-known Monastery of Ardenica. It is 237 meters high from sea. It is very oldest place to visit.

Every tourists must visit Vlora, one of the oldest region, was known as Aulona. Now, it is the modern and main ciry of Albanian. There are many beaches with stony sand around. Also look for the affordable Albanian tour package including boat tour in Vlora with party and new friends.