7 Ski Destinations in Canada

By | June 14, 2022

Canada is known to be a country with many impressive landscapes. It is home to majestic mountains, magnificent lakes and rivers, enchanting waterfalls, and other amazing destinations. These alluring landscapes are one of the reasons why many individuals explore the country. Canada’s picturesque terrains and seascapes enchant a lot of photography enthusiasts, be it travel or nature photographers. Not only that, most of these places are excellent venues for weddings, camping trips, and outdoor activities such as skiing.

Ski Destinations in Canada

Best Canadian Locations For Skiing

Skiing is one of the most exciting activities you can experience during the winter. It is a perfect opportunity to beat the cold weather and explore the natural beauty of your environment. When it comes to ski destinations, Canada offers you a lot of options. Prepare your ski equipment (and your sports action camera) and plan your next ski trip on these excellent locations:

  1. Big White Ski Resort If you are searching for a large ski resort, then you may include the Big White Ski Resort in your list. It is because this place ranked third in the biggest ski resorts in British Columbia. This site is also hailed as the largest resort for night skiing in Western Canada. Big White Ski Resort is ideal if you want to do the said activity whenever you are available. What’s notable in this location is the  variety of accommodations available, from fine dining options to ski adventures. Don’t forget to experience the exciting Mega Snow Coaster, which is recognized as one of the largest tube parks in North America.
  2. Blue Mountain Blue Mountain is one of the top-rated Canadian ski resorts located in the province of Ontario. Many people visit the place because of its exciting facilities such as glades and terrain parks. The Blue Mountain is also ideal for night skiing. It means you can visit the resort at night if you have no time in the morning (or the work day!). For accommodation, the resort has a variety of dining choices and several retail stores. Apart from skiing, you can also enjoy snowboarding here.
  3. Cypress Mountain Living in an urban area is not a problem for those who want to visit a ski resort in Vancouver. Cypress Mountain is a 30-minute drive from the city downtown. It is the largest skiing and snowboarding mountain in Vancouver. Going here can give you some nostalgia, especially if you are fond of the Winter Olympics since this event was held in Cypress in 2010. One of the best things about Cypress Mountain is it has a snow school that offers both drop-in and multi-day ski and snowboard lessons. If you are new to skiing and you want to learn how to do this activity, then Cypress Mountain is one of the best places to go.
  4. Le Massif If you are a newbie in skiing, then heading to Le Massif could be your option. It is located in Quebec City, which offers an excellent geographical location. It is because this resort is an ideal place for viewing the magnificent St. Lawrence. The St. Lawrence River is a grand river stretching 1,197 kilometres long. It is vital to the country because it serves as a large hydrographic system in the east-central region of North America.  Le Massif has a high point that is the same as the greatest vertical drop. It is 2,526 feet east of the Canadian Rockies with the highest annual snowfall in eastern Canada.
  5. Mont Tremblant Resort Mont Tremblant Resort is one of the most accessible ski resorts in Canada. It offers a lot of expertly created trails which are made for all levels, from beginner to expert. There are 106 trails in Mont Tremblant, 22 are for beginner, 28 for intermediate, 32 for difficult, while the rest are for expert skiers. Not only is it a friendly ski resort, but it is also a perfect location for capturing the winter wonderland. Photography enthusiasts may take photos of the scenic view of the snowy mountains and glacial forests. If you are planning to head to Mont Tremblant, make sure you have a full ski gear – those trees can jump out at you!
  6. Nakiska Ski Resort Nakiska is a small resort in the Canadian Rockies, which is situated in the Kananaskis Mountain Range. It was specially built for the 1988 Winter Olympics. It is a friendly ski destination because its terrain was created specifically for families. The trails in this resort are classified as for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Nakiska Ski Resort also offers snow school lessons which you can avail if you want to learn and enjoy skiing. They provide multi-week, group, and even private lessons. Besides skiing, there are other activities that you can enjoy while you are staying at Nakiska. Try snowmaking or snowboarding with your loved ones.
  7. Sun Peaks Resort If you are looking for a family-friendly ski destination, then try Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia. It is only 45-minutes away from the north of Kamloops. You may enjoy your ski trip on this site because of its accommodation options. The resort has an excellent facility including eleven lifts on the mountains, which can take skiers to 122 runs. Many individuals admire Sun Peaks Resort, no wonder why it is included in National Geographic’s Best Winter Trips 2019 article. If you are planning to visit this resort, try to bring a camera for you to photograph the picturesque mountain view.

Skiing is one of the activities that you should try if you want to experience both fun and adventure. When it comes to ski destinations, there are many ideal resorts that Canada could offer. Start your ski adventure by exploring the places listed above. And if you are reading this in the summer and are interested in finding out about some amazing places in Canada to go camping, check out this article for some great suggestions.