How Does Intemiles Help You Save On Holiday Destinations?

By | June 8, 2023

Holiday trips never fail to offer a mirthful experience to people. With proper planning, anyone can make their trip a big success. But when it comes to going on long vacations, there are lots of things to consider. From flight bookings to packing the right essentials and planning the travel itinerary, you have to plan everything properly. But the most tricky task while planning any trip is hotel booking. Why? Because to find the right hotel, you have to consider the location, ambience, amenities, rooms and most importantly, the budget. 

How Does Intemiles Help You Save On Holiday Destinations

Getting accommodation at the right hotel can give a good start to your trip. To help you find a suitable hotel for your trip, Intermiles ( can be a one-stop solution. With its travel and lifestyle rewards, you will not only get a chance to save on flights and hotels but can also avail a great shopping and dining experience at a holiday destination. How? Here are some ways by which Intermiles will help you save on holiday destinations: 

Reasonable Pricing 

This is one of the best features of Intermiles. With Intermiles, you can select preferential rates and get transparent pricing on hotel stays. Transparent pricing will help you to understand your budget and choose the right place to stay accordingly. Further, you can select the preferable rates from the filtering and sorting options and a host of hotels will be displayed on your screen. Intermiles, with more than 5 lakh properties around the world, will help you find the right hotels which are within your budget. Hence, you can save on your overall trip cost by availing yourself of a budget-friendly hotel through Intermiles. 

Rewarding programmes on flight & hotel bookings 

Intermiles is well-known for its rewarding programmes that will help you save on your holiday destinations. In fact, you can start saving from the very first step of your travel, that is flight booking. Intermiles assure you of the best flight deals and you can earn rewards on every booking. Also, you can redeem accumulated mile rewards on flight bookings to get additional discounts. Apart from rewarding programmes on flight bookings, Intermiles also help you save money on hotel bookings. Like Intermiles flight bookings, you will get a chance to redeem rewards or miles on hotel bookings. Even when you book hotels for someone else, you earn rewards points which you can redeem on hotel bookings when you go on a trip the next time.

Cancellation Policy 

We all know that everything does not always work out as planned. So, we must be prepared for the worst. There can be situations when your flight might get cancelled due to some emergency reasons. The partner airlines of Intermiles will offer you credit. You can use it for further flight bookings in future. If you need to cancel your plan and the flight booking, you can also do it bearing nominal cancellation charges with Intermiles. 

Reschedule Policy 

If you have to reschedule your trip for some reason, you don’t have to stress about losing your money. Most hotels and flights allow you to reschedule your trip without extra charges. You must check their reschedule and cancellation policies before making a move. You can check it easily on Intermiles. With a humongous number of flight listings and hotel listings, Intermiles will definitely help you with rescheduling your trip without spending any extra money. This way you can save on your accommodation and travel cost during your trip. 

Membership Privileges 

With a reputation for custom generated loyalty programmes, Intermiles has earned a great reputation as an online travel & lifestyle booking site. By signing up for its loyalty programmes, you can avail of special deals and packages on your travel & lifestyle experience. Also, with more than 5 lakh hotel stays, Intermiles will offer you special discounts on all varieties of hotels, be it budget or luxury hotels. This way you can not only save on your long-awaited trip but also enjoy a relaxing stay at the best hotels at reasonable prices. 

Room upgrades

Some hotels offer you free room upgrades if you book via Intermiles. So, after reaching your holiday destination, if you need to or feel like upgrading your room, you can avail of it without having to pay any extra money. It means you can fetch a better, premium room at the cost of a standard room!

Complimentary deals

Through Intermiles, you can search for hotels that offer complimentary services like free breakfasts, parking, laundry services, and pick up and drop from the airport. As there are numerous hotels associated with Intermiles, you can easily find hotels that offer such free services to save on your holiday trip. 

Offering special discounts, privileges, and attractive deals and packages, Intermiles helps you save on your overall trip to your favourite holiday destination. Thus, to ace-up your travel experience on a preferential budget, get your flight and hotel booking done with Intermiles now!