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Whilst we all know and love the classics of Greek food like tzatziki and gyros, there is so much more to this delicious cuisine! Take your tastebuds on a journey with these Greek must-tries.

Greece has a cuisine filled with a long list of history and with it comes a plethora or traditional dishes packed with various meats, seafood, vegetables and sweets! These are some favourites that travellers shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to try.



When trying Dolmades, don’t be surprised when each region of Greece has a slightly different version of these stuffed grape leaves – households too! This simple-looking dish is anything but as it packs a punch with flavour. Traditionally, grape vine leaves are the classic choice but it’s not uncommon to come across vegetables hollowed out and used instead – think tomatoes, capsicums and zucchinis. Inside these tightly compact parcels, you’ll find a flavour town of minced meat with long grain rice and a collection of spices sprinkled throughout. Baked in the oven, these wrapped goodies make it one of the easiest and delicious little snacks.


Moussaka is the Greek equivalent of Italian lasagne but offers so much more flavour than you think. This hearty baked dish is layered with sauteed vegetables, minced lamb, a Greek version of tomato sauce, a handful of spices, potato and blanketed in a layer of decadent bechamel sauce – can you say heaven?! Moussaka is the traditional dish to try when in Greece if you’re craving that ‘home cooked’ meal.


Can it get any more iconic than Baklava? This classic Greek pastry is the sweet treat you’re looking for to satisfy your sweet tooth. Layers of filo pastry sprinkled with a hefty coating of nuts and spices, usually pistachios and cinnamon, is bathed in a generous amount of sweet syrup and still maintains its crunchy filo pastry! How? No idea, the only explanation is that it’s thanks to the Greek touch.


This golden, buttery and flaky pastry is a common household snack amongst the Greek locals. A savoury snack, Spanakopita is filled with a hefty amount of spinach, feta and various spices, making it the perfect on the go pick-me-up after a day of exploring the town.


Synonymous with Greece, some of the freshest seafood in Europe springs from this humble country. Seasonal catches mean that each day brings a new dish to try. Calamari and octopus are plates not to pass up, but if you have the opportunity to try the latest fin catches, the freshness will take your breath away.

No Greece journey is complete without trying the worldwide adored tzatziki dip and gyros, so try it in the homeland it hails from! Just as important is to explore the many various dishes Greece has to offer to experience the traditional cuisine in all its glory.

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