By | January 9, 2023

You are just starting a business enterprise and are therefore on the lookout for a suitable company and domain name. You are probably wondering just what name to give our company from a range of all the possible options that are currently running through your mind. Well, you need not worry at all!

That’s because the overall theme of these discussions is centered on answering the following fundamental question: “What makes a name cool for a company”? It does this by exploring all the critical traits that the ideal company name must possess if it has to make your company stand out in the crowded field:


Short and Concise

Long and complicated business/domain names are difficult to remember, cumbersome to pronounce, and may also be challenging to spell and jot down. Shorter names on the contrary are catchier, easy to pronounce, and remember. The company/domain name of choice must therefore be as short and concise as possible.

Lack Dictionary Origins

The typical dictionary has finite number of words and names and is also accessible by numerous users at any given time. Relying on the dictionary as the primary source of inspiration for identifying a suitable company/domain name is therefore not advisable as this may only lead to duplicity, redundancy, monotony and the lack of originality, all of which are very crucial in this undertaking. It is therefore advisable to invent names that are not found in the dictionaries.

Unique and Original

It must not resemble the name of any other company because this will interfere with its acceptability and impede its ability to stand out of the crowd. Prospective entrepreneurs are therefore strongly encouraged to conduct thorough internet searches and other searches in other business directories to ensure that the name they intend to assign to their companies are not yet already taken up by other companies.

Sticky and Addictive

For the sake of easier remembrance, the most suitable business or domain name must easily stick into the minds and the psyche of the prospective target market or clientele. For this to happen, the name of choice must be composed of a sticky, effective and addictive alliterations or consonants.


Names are primarily designed to capture the attention of the prospective clients. Consequently, the company or domain name of choice must have the ability to evoke enthusiasm or excitement from the target market. They should preferably be sweet, mellifluous, and melodious. A user should be able to sing it out and bring to back to memory as seamlessly as possible.


Company or domain names need not necessarily be expressed in the English language or make sense naturally. However, they should be crafted in such a manner as to be easily modifiable in English or any other major language that is spoken within its geographical scope of operations and must also be as sensible as possible to be easily adopted and identifiable by the people who are being targeted. That way, it will more likely stick easily in the hearts and minds of the people.

Excellent Phonetics 

They must be easy to pronounce and for that reason, must possess excellent phonetics. Complicated or unnecessarily long names are very difficult to pronounce and may also be difficult to remember of refer to third parties. The ideal company/domain name must have no more than four syllables and must also be crafted in the same language that is spoken by those of its target market or geographic scope of operations.


The ideal company name must as much as possible provide information and unique facts concerning the nature of the company, its products, niche of operations, and what makes it stand out from the rest of the competitors. This makes it possible for the company’s prospective clientele to draw the relevant connections and to easily associate themselves with the company. This leads to greater customer loyalty in the long run.



Company names are the most important avenues through which the trust of the general public and the potential clientele in particular may be won over. For this trust to be earned, the names must be made official by way of registering them with the respective statutory bodies under whose jurisdictions they fall and operate, must be branded, trademarked, patented, and accompanied by a relevant logo and company tagline.

Final Verdict 

Business enterprises are very diverse, complicated, and unique in their nature of operations, market niches, products and service portfolios, forms of ownerships, target markets, and geographical scope of operations. It may therefore not be possible to subject all of them to the same criteria of identifying names because they naturally require different approaches and considerations.

The traits that company names have to possess as outlined and discussed above are thus to be treated as mere guidelines. The onus is upon the would-be entrepreneur to conduct thorough due diligence and ascertain the name that best suits their unique situation.