What Do Lilies Mean According to Their Color?

By | May 17, 2022

White lilies


Lilies are a versatile, timeless flower that comes in different ranges of colors. These lovely flowers are ideal for pampering a loved one on their anniversary, as well as being presentable at funerals to express condolences. Not only that, but a bright lily bouquet is a delightful way to commemorate a special occasion like a job promotion, graduation, or even the purchase of a new house!

The lily bloom was discovered around 2,400 years ago, according to legend. Lilies have a reputation for being grand flowers in ancient Greek mythology, where it is said that lily blossoms were created by Zeus’ wife Hera. In fact, after declining to feed Hercules, the droplets of her milk that dropped to the ground were thought to be the seed for blooming lilies!

Learn how diverse lily color meanings may help you communicate a variety of emotions without saying much, as well as the many types of lilies that represent those perfect times in life.

What do the various lily colors symbolize?

Diverse colors and varieties of lilies have different cultural connotations all around the world. Lilies are often associated with purity, passion, rebirth, and monarchy. However, depending on the color and the event, these connotations might shift. Let’s have a look at the many lily color interpretations on that note.

1.   Pink lilies are associated with feelings of love, adoration, compassion, and femininity.

Pink lilies


Pink is associated with feelings of love, adoration, femininity, compassion, and understanding. Pink-hued lilies are also symbolic of similar feelings. Lilies in various colors of pink are likewise appropriate for that particular someone. On a date, bring a stunning arrangement of lilies, or on an anniversary, surprise them with a gift of fragrant pink lily flowers.

2.   White flowers are symbolic of humility and purity.

The color white is often linked with purity and the afterlife. White lilies are fresh and crisp, and they also symbolize purity and humility, making them the flower of selection for funerals, condolence notes, and sorrow cards.

White lilies are also an excellent method to express how happy you are to be with that particular someone and how much they represent to you. Furthermore, they are a beautiful compliment to any bride’s flower bouquet, conveying the purity of their devotion to their spouse and their dedication to their marriage.

3.   Yellow lilies are associated with pleasure, happiness, and lightheartedness.

Yellow lilies


Yellow hues elicit feelings of joy, pleasure, and lightheartedness. Yellow lilies are bright and lively, and they are sure to make someone smile. Yellow lilies are a sign of friendliness and gaiety, thus they are appropriate for telling a friend how much you cherish their relationship.

4.   Orange lilies signify passion, warmth, courage, and honor.

Orange lilies


Orange is a vibrant and powerful color. It represents life’s vitality, warmth, courage, passion, and fulfillment. Orange lilies are just as vivid as yellow lilies, and they stand out in a crowd. They generally represent respect and honor for a notable individual. So, if you want to show your thanks to someone for a job well done, or if you admire someone’s incredible effort.

Orange lilies are a lovely flower gift for significant life events. They can also be utilized at funeral services, especially if the deceased was always full of life and vigor.

5.   Purple lilies are symbolic of pride, accomplishment, dignity, adoration, and success.

Purple is a color that represents pride, success, adoration, dignity, and achievement. Purple lilies have always been associated with royalty and have always been considered precious and special. Purple flowers are therefore associated with royalty, luxury, and passion.

Lily symbolism

Lilies have always been the flower of choice for a 30th-anniversary present. You don’t have to rely on an anniversary to gift lilies because there are so many distinct types. Each lily variety has its symbolic meaning. Choosing the correct variety may add a special touch to your bouquet or vase arrangement.

1.   The Asiatic lily is a symbol of purity and marriage.

Asiatic lilies are a popular option among lily types, and they come in a variety of colors. Because Asiatic lilies come in a variety of colors, they each have their own set of meanings and symbolism.

In Western cultures, white Asiatic lilies are frequently linked with marriage and purity. Orange and yellow Asiatic lilies are great flowers to honor milestones such as the birth of a newborn or a new start in life. Pink Asiatic lilies are associated with both healing and romanticism.

2.   The Oriental lily is a perfect wedding symbol

These stunning flowers are the ideal wedding symbol. Oriental lilies are a sign of purity and rebirth and are associated with the Virgin Mary. They’re ideal for a bride’s bridal bouquet or as a celebratory present for someone who has recently reached a new milestone in their life.

3.   The Calla lily is a flower that represents faith, purity, and power

In many cultures and faiths, calla lilies have diverse meanings. Calla lilies were linked with beauty in ancient Greece. It represents trust and purity in Christianity. Because calla lilies may rebloom if cut and regrown in a vase, it can be a representation of strength in Western culture.

4.   The Tiger lily is a symbol of wealth, happiness, and pride

Tiger lilies have a distinct appearance, which is most likely due to the markings on their petals! These spotted lilies are said to represent prosperity and pride. It symbolizes enthusiasm and confidence because of its vivid colors. Tiger lilies come in a variety of orange hues, which adds to their vibrancy.

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