What’s The Best Backpack For Travel?

By | May 13, 2022

Do you like to use a backpack for travel? I often see some people pushing suitcases at the airport, it looks elegant, but it’s too bulky and very inconvenient for me, I like a backpack better that makes my hand free, with one backpack, I can easily glide from location to location.

So how to choose a backpack for yourself? Here I will share some of my experience with choosing a backpack. I think most people will go to Amazon or Google to search for a good backpack for themselves, but there are too many brands or types to choose, choosing the best backpack can be a challenging endeavor.

My experience is “There is no “best” backpack that is perfect for every traveler in every scenario.” You should find a pack that’s perfect for your unique needs. The first step is where you are going? If you are going on a wild adventure, hiking or camping; you need to consider these:

Large capacity:

Large capacity can give you the capacity to carry more on your travels, like clothes, water, food, emergency medicine, tent, power bank, and so on.

Durability and Quality:

Shop durability and quality backpack are very important, especially in the wild, your backpack is pretty much your home. The last thing you want is to find out that you lost your water, food because your backpack broke during the journey to your next accommodation, or your backpack gets wet in a sudden rain because it’s not waterproof.

So you need to care about a couple of key considerations for a backpack:

Quality zipper: choosing YKK zipper backpack. YKK zippers are some of the best zippers that best travel backpack brands tend to use them. They’re super strong and have different weights depending on the area of the pack they’re used.

Waterproof Fabric and Material: wax canvas is a great choice, it is very durable and waterproof, of course, there are other materials, but I like wax canvas better.

Comfortable Backpack Straps: the thickness of straps doesn’t necessarily matter. Thinner straps that use high-quality foam may be more comfortable than thicker, bulkier straps.

Sternum Straps: They’re designed to distribute some weight away from your shoulders and secure the shoulder straps across your chest.

Recommended backpack:

  1. Osprey Packs Aether Plus Backpack.

Designed for women, or anyone with narrower shoulders, very comfortable, and chafe-free fit, perfect for side trips in the middle of longer journeys.

Osprey Packs Aether Plus Backpack.

  1. Deuter Futura Hiking Backpack.

Designed for longer day hikes and multi-day treks, high comfort, and adjustable shoulder straps.

Deuter Futura Hiking Backpack

For a city trip, I advise you can carry a trolley case and a backpack, the backpack doesn’t need too large; you can put your clothes or other daily necessities into your trolley case and store it in the hotel, then you can pack your backpack to visit the city. The advantages of a backpack for a city trip are you’ve got your hands free, you can always carry it close to you and it cannot be stolen so easily, and you can get from A to B comfortably.

But will look a bit like a backpacker, so you’d better choose a good look backpack. I like a leather backpack because I like its vintage style and timeless rustic features, it will get more beautiful, with time and usage. When I visit those classical buildings, the vintage-style backpack looks very good. If you like photography, you can prepare a camera backpack. I choose my vintage leather backpack from this vintage leather backpacks list, their backpacks are quality and real cowhide leather, and their price is cheaper than other brands.

vintage leather backpacks list