My Romantic Getaway to Paris

By | February 23, 2023

As soon as I reached Paris, I was in love. Paris was all that I thought it would be: delightful, modern, antiquated and full of life. All the platitudes were valid. As I gazed at the Arc de Triomphe and afterward down the avenue of the Champs-Élysées, elegantly dressed individuals in their fitted jeans, delightful dresses, and dark coats moved around me, a tourist excessively dumbstruck, making it impossible to move.


I was in love.

Ensuing visits just extended my love for the city. When I returned a month ago to lead a visit through luxury travel to Europe, I included additional days for the City of Light. I couldn’t stand to not have time alone with Paris.

Paris has been composed about endless times and will keep on being the same romantic place forever. In any case, that won’t stop my stooping. To me, Paris is the best of social culture — savvy, tasteful, advanced, and deep. Its apparently perpetual history blends with present day life. It takes the best of each and creates something far and away superior.


Paris uncovers herself through lone strolls through her history, from the Place de la Concorde where Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI, and innumerable others lost their heads, to the Tuileries Garden worked to go with its namesake palace that torched in 1871. There is the Louver, a centuries-old regal habitation turned craftsmanship exhibition hall; the antiquated Sainte-Chapelle, home to recolored glass windows dating to the thirteenth century; Notre-Dame, whose nearness looms over the city’s notable focus; the Jardin de Luxembourg; Montmartre; and the Eiffel Tower. The Latin Quarter, with its interwoven pattern of winding roads that used to be home to common laborers Parisians and specialists, dependably appears to uncover something new.


Furthermore, when my brain loses itself ever, my faculties maneuver me again into the present. Pointedly dressed Parisians I see make me rethink my dull hiker uniform of a shirt and pants, and think, “I can improve.” The odors from the patisseries turn me, a hater of sweets, into a lover of them. In what manner would one be able to deny such wonderfully coated and embellished tarts? These visual treats are a flavorful show-stopper. All the flower shops, pastry kitchens, and markets where one can top off for just a couple of euros make costly Paris a foodie’s financial plan dream. A trip to Paris is relentless eating, with rich food washed around smooth red wine. In Paris, voracity is not overabundance but rather a lifestyle.

I glorify Paris. I know this. My sentimental idea of the city, conceived of books and films, is just fortified by every visit. What’s more, similar to all long-separate love undertakings, we romanticize the great and sparkle over the awful. Day by day life in Paris may not be as sentimental as I accept, but rather we as a whole need some emotions in our lives.

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