By | October 11, 2022

Dubai is an exciting and vibrant city where people can live and work and its inhabitants can look forward to a pleasant and entertaining life for themselves and their families. It is working day and night to accommodate more people in the city, with new properties, like the Port De La Mer apartments for sale are helping very much to settle down these new expatriates. However, like any significant shift, the research into working life in Dubai must be conducted so that an appropriate decision is taken as to whether the work atmosphere in Dubai meets your basic needs. Although this city, like any major metropolitan city in the world, has a lot to offer in terms of healthy living, it has some disadvantages. Rush hours can be a headache and many are forced to drive because rentals are very high in Dubai and many people travel from nearby Emirate, like Sharjah every day, where rental rates are more affordable.

Below, the majority of expatriates who are looking to move to Dubai reported some of the most popular questions asked.



It is not rare for you to find yourself interacting with people of many different nationalities in an area with their huge expat population. The Dubai office dress code responds to the culture and religion of the city and will help to make working with them more comfortable without upsetting everyone you work with. Many high profile jobs in Dubai involve frequent interaction with the prominent and affluent customers who judge you according to your appearances. Therefore, your working outfit must be carefully picked. Here are some tips for dressing:

  • Choose the best size clothing for you. Many men and women make the mistake of wearing garments that are not the appropriate size for a professional environment. Wearing poorly-tailored garments of a size that is too big or too small seems unprofessional and tacky.
  • Professional clothes like suits, pants and shirts are appropriate.  For men, a simple casual business outfit is recommended, whereas women can experiment with knee-length skirts, blouses or pantsuits.
  • Keep clothes traditional for special occasions, and several workplaces observe an international date where workers from their native countries are required to wear formal clothing. Stick to formal clothing otherwise.
  • Stay away from bright and striking colours, especially neons, lime greens and bright oranges. These are not suitable for work regardless of how fashionable. If you wish to add colour to your professional wardrobe, try sedated shades, such as the red darkness, olive green or rust.


Life in Dubai can be thrilling, regardless of earning potential. People from all income classes have plenty to give. Dubai is one of the most popular global destinations to expatriates looking for a better dynamic, with its advanced and constantly evolving infrastructure, wide-ranging entertainment options and a mix of cultures from all over the world. The city provides great facilities for tourists, from the world’s tallest tourist buildings to luxury hotels, Dubai also has a lot to offer, including a range of restaurants serving cuisine from around the world for everyday and affordable food.

The schools and universities in Dubai offer excellent education options with a selection of global curriculum content that allows students to continue the selected curricula in a highly demanding setting for primary, secondary and higher education. The health facilities of the Emirate are equivalent to those of other famous foreign destinations with highly sophisticated medical practitioners and technological facilities.


Dubai does not have uniform wages, nor does it have a basic wage rule, but on average, the wages offered are on a level or higher than in most western countries. Salaries are dependent on several aspects like ethnicity, expertise and marketability. Western nationals also earn better pay, as western education is more coveted here than those with similar qualifications from the Asian sub-continent. Wages are mostly decided on what needs to be paid out and not on what can be called a reasonable wage for people away from work in their own countries.

People from all over the globe visit the city looking for opportunities, and it is quite fortunate that this city is serving well to all those people. Many expats in this city who were once looking for a job are now investors and looking for different investments in the city like in the recent District one villas for sale in Dubai, it is reported that most of the investment is done by the expats.