Best Spots To Visit In Peru

By | January 20, 2023

By thinking of a typical backpacking destination in South America, the first country to come into the mind is often Peru. Clearly, Peru is a dream destination to travel to. With the incredible landscapes and the high variety of attractions and highlights, Peru almost guarantees an unforgettable time. For Backpackers, it is the low prices and the numerous budget opportunities, that transform Peru into an attractive country to visit. The basic backpacking route through South America simply has to include Peru in order to get the full experience.

Best Spots To Visit In Peru

All about Peru

Peru is located on the west coast of South America and mainly known for the historical highlight Machu Picchu.  Even tough, Machu Picchu is one of the best spots to visit when traveling Peru, the country has to offer a lot more. It is therefore, a must to go beyond the typical touristic routes to experience the country in different ways. From nature to cities and unique culture – Peru does not disappoint.

The TOP 8 best spots in Peru

Peru is a destination with different faces. While one side shows the adventurous face of the country and invites travellers to get lost in nature, the other one shows the diverse and colorful culture. The country seems to be the ideal spot to travel for anyone who wants to go on adventures in the mountains, learn more about the history in South America and get some inspiration from the people in the villages.

Machu Picchu

For most travellers, visiting the famous Machu Picchu is high on the bucketlist. On the trip to Peru, the visit is therefore a must. The best way to visit and experience the historical place is to take the multiple day trek through the area.

The city of Cusco

One of the most popular cities to visit for travellers in Peru is Cusco. The city does not only offer the opportunity to dig deeper into the history of the country, but as well gives insight into the city life. Visit the markets, take a tour with a local guide and plan a trip the nearby rainbow mountains.

The city of Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru and most likely the start of any tour through the country. Located directly at the coast at the Pacific, it is a place to stay. It offers a deep experience of the culture and allows to get to know the country. Try the delicious street food and walk along the coastline or enjoy a drink with other travellers in the countless bars at night – the attractions in Lima do not disappoint and promise a good start into the new adventure.

The Lake Titicaca

One of the masterpieces of nature can be seen at the Lake Titicaca. The lake is one of the best spots to visit for a calm and peaceful experience in the nature of Peru. With multiple treks around the area, travellers who love to hike will get the most out of the lake. Enjoy the view over the fields and the lake and most importantly, the calm after some days in the vibrant streets of the cities.

The beaches of Mancora

Peru is not only mountains, but as well beaches. One of the best spots to experience some adventures or relaxation at the beach, is Mancora. The small village has been transformed into a true highlight for travellers, but is still worth the visit. It is the ideal opportunity to try surfing and hang out with other Backpackers from all around the world.


Some part of Peru is covered by the rainforest of the Amazon. The small town of Iquitos is the ideal spot to travel to, if you want to go on some adventures in the Peruvian Amazon. You can choose between boat trips, hikes or interesting tours through the forest. For any traveller who has enough time to travel north, this spot is a must.

The city of Arequipa

The view of Arequipa and the high summits of the mountains in the back is unique, and one of the bests travellers will get on their journey. With local markets, museums and many opportunities for day trips, the city should not be missed. Some travellers decide to do some volunteer work in the multiple organizations in Arequipa. An experience that will last forever.

Backpackers favorite in South America

Peru is one of the best countries to visit in South America. It offers countless opportunities to experience the culture and go on unforgettable adventures. If you´re now planning your route through the country, the blogs on the German website Backpackertrail will be beneficial. Visit the page for more information on Peru and its highlights and prepare your trip on the best way possible.