Places You Should Visit in Knoxville, Tennessee

By | January 21, 2023

Knoxville, Tennessee is a great city to visit. With plenty of places to see and things to do, you’ll never be bored. Here are some of the top best places you should visit while in Knoxville:

Places You Should Visit in Knoxville, Tennessee

The Sunsphere

The Sunsphere in Knoxville is the perfect place for artsy pictures. The Sunsphere was built in 1982 because of the World’s Fair that took place that year. It has been a big part of the city’s history and is still one of the most visited places in Knoxville. If you climb up to the top, there is a small gift shop with souvenirs inside.

The Knoxville Zoo

Lastly, the Knoxville Zoo is a great place to take the kids or go on a date. With over 800 animals, it’s one of the largest zoos in the United States. You can also catch a show at the 4D theater or take a ride on the train. With so many things to do, the Knoxville Zoo is a great place for kids and adults alike.

The Market Square

The Market Square is a historic square in downtown Knoxville. Here, you can find a farmers market every Saturday morning with fresh produce and other goods. There are also several restaurants and shops around the square. If you’re looking for a place to relax, this is the perfect spot.

College Street

For a smaller version of Bourbon Street, College Street has a lot of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Not only can you celebrate your 21st birthday here, but you can also find some great food. Be sure to check out the variety of shops on this street as well. 

All of these places will give you an idea of what it’s like in Knoxville. They’re all very different and offer different activities for visitors and residents alike. Be sure to visit them if you find yourself in Knoxville. You won’t regret it.