Which Brand Has A Wide Collection Of Gifts In Singapore?

By | January 13, 2021

Online shopping

For more than five years, it has been easier for us to make shopping transactions using several existing e-commerce sites. One of them is e-commerce that sells various gift products. Technology helps all human work to be more efficient. Several existing e-commerce platforms offer advantages to attract public interest. The presence of e-commerce provides easy access for buyers to buy gifts according to their respective goals. It is easier for business people to offer goods, while buyers find it easy to get what they want.

There are quite a few e-commerce sites selling flowers and souvenirs in Singapore. Each has advantages, one of which is to offer affordable prices and quality products. On the one hand, the wide selection of online buying and selling sites provides lots of choices that buyers can consider to determine which one they will buy. Unfortunately, not many have this. Not infrequently from them, they sell a small number of prize variants. It leaves buyers with no suitable gift options.

Gift Delivery Singapore

One of the recommendations for an e-commerce brand that has an extensive collection in Singapore is FlowerAdvisor. FlowerAdvisor is an e-commerce platform that provides flower delivery services and other gifts. They serve customers from all over the world and deliver services to more than 100 countries. You can see it from their slogan, namely Bridging The Distance. Because giving gifts to anyone has become a new culture. Therefore, they want to fulfill customer requests to gifting loved ones even though they are separated by distance and time.

One of the things that customers love the most is the offer of discounts all the time. Starting from discounts and cashback, we are ready to pamper our customers’ gift budgets. They provide cash, transfers, debits, credits, internet banking, digital wallets, and many more for payments. Their best customer service is not only from giving discounts but to serving customers whenever needed. They serve customers 24 hours. You can contact him via the messenger application, the chat column, and telephone number on the website.

24 Hours

FlowerAdvisor is well known for its flower delivery. It is because the flowers they use are of good quality. They always use fresh ones. They are very concerned about their safety during delivery. Their collaboration with local florists also adds to their credibility. It allows orders to arrive as soon as possible if customers request same-day delivery. They will contact the florist closest to the location. They are known for the best flower delivery Singapore services.

They are designed as beautifully as possible by experts in their fields. Flower arrangement is not easy for most people. Jobs such as choosing the type of flower and mixing and matching the colors have their expertise. But everything is done by the skilled hands of trained florists. In addition to flowers, there are also many goods, food, and drinks. They have categorized gifts according to the customer’s purposes for giving them. Starting from anniversary, birth, graduation, new normal, apologies, weddings, romance, get well soon, birthdays, congratulations, and sympathy.

Flower Delivery Singapore

Here are some types of flower arrangements that they provide:

  1. Bouquet: It is a common bouquet that you know. They provide various types of them ranging from roses, orchids, baby breath, carnations, sunflowers, gerberas, to tulips. There is even a choice of money bouquets that are tucked using a stick.
  2. Bloombox: Those are some beautiful blooms arranged in a box. Usually, roses often decorate these romantic boxes.
  3. Board flowers: There are several types, such as paper board flowers, condolences, happy birthdays, anniversaries, to standing flowers.
  4. Table Flowers: Perfect for decorating your home or uplifting the spirits of those who are sick.
  5. Dried & Preserved Flowers: It’s perfect for your beloved who doesn’t want to be complicated with a series of original flower treatments.
  6. Flower basket: Besides fruits, a bloom of roses is also beautiful in a basket. You can give it as a get well soon and a new house party.

Flower Arrangements

Others are in the form of items in such a gorgeous way, such as hampers, parcels (fruit, food, wine, new normal, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and Christmas), glassware, dolls, etc. Here are some of the gift options they provide:

  1. Teddy Bear: The doll is usually tucked in a beautiful bouquet. They even provide options other than romantic concepts such as graduation.
  2. Baby gifts: It is highly sought after when close relatives give birth. The choice of baby gifts they provide includes diapers and bags, baby bouncers, a package of clothes, shoes, socks, and a baby apron. You can choose it according to the gender of the baby.
  3. Fragrance & toiletries: Your loved one’s birthday is coming up soon? This one is perfect for those who like scents. Ranging from perfume to hand cream are there. You can even give them a bouquet of soap flowers.
  4. Hampers: This gift is perfect on special days. They provide fruit baskets that you can give to sick relatives. Or you can also give him vitamins for his recovery. For an anniversary gift with your lover, you can also buy Hamper wine and a glass. In addition, there are special hampers for Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Hari Raya.
  5. Cake and chocolate: Chocolate is the most important food to be sold with a beautiful bouquet. Or decorate them into a bouquet of sweet chocolates. Choose the variety of chocolate gifts you want. They sell several cakes such as mousse, tiramisu, cheesecake, opera, brownie, etc. You can buy a cake that is already available on the website or custom the cake you want.

Hampers & Gifts

The more e-commerce that offers several kinds of products, the higher the level of fraud that occurs. But don’t worry, FlowerAdvisor is one of the best and most trusted e-commerce sites in Singapore. They provide same-day delivery with free shipping. If you are interested in buying something, don’t forget to click on this gift delivery Singapore sentence.