Moving (Home or Office) to Australia from Japan – A Guide to Ensuring Peace of Mind

By | March 15, 2023

Moving home or office to Australia from Japan can be a real nightmare. Here, we decided to bring some important tips for those who want to move.

Moving (Home or Office) to Australia from Japan - A Guide to Ensuring Peace of Mind

  1. Start before and take it easy

Therefore, the first step is to organize everything that will come next. Set up a spreadsheet of activities and deadlines for each step of the change.

  1. Separate donations and the like

Take advantage of this earlier phase to donate or throw away anything that no longer matters. Some items can also be sold, and there you still earn extra money.

  1. Search for cardboard boxes

For moving to Australia from Japan, hire our moving professionals. You can get cardboard boxes at zero cost or a small amount. Supermarkets often make them available for those who order.

  1. Go boxing everything

Box everything you can. Our professionals don’t only pack, they also label the boxes or write what’s in each box, so you’ll save time when you have to undock things.

  1. If you have anywhere to go, start carrying

With everything boxed and tagged, you can take the opportunity to start hauling some items.

  1. Bigger parts

For larger pieces, such as a bed or wardrobe, you will need to hire specialized transportation or even individuals who work with it.

  1. Avoid rework

Moving from one country to another also has another boring and time consuming part, which is fixing any damage that has been caused, repainting the walls, etc.

  1. Date of change

Finally, if you can choose the date of transport of the furniture, i.e. the effective change, opt for a period other than school holidays, because it is usually more expensive (many people prefer to change when on vacation, as well as their children).

Changing during the week may also guarantee some discounts as many people prefer the weekend.