Discover 5 Sure Ways to Save Money on Flights

By | November 6, 2021

If you want to pay less in order to travel via airplane, you should know that our 5 sure ways to save money on flights will be very helpful. We’re here to share practical tips from air travel experts. Try one, a few or all of our tips in order to trim the cost of flying from Point A to Point B.


Saving money on flights is easier than you might imagine. Without further ado, we’d like to show you how it’s done…

1.) Compare Prices at Various Airlines

Some consumers end up paying more than they have to for flights because they don’t take the time to compare flight prices from different airlines. For example, they may be used to travelling via a specific airline and then book with that airline, even though a competing airline offers better deals on similar flights. For this reason, we recommend that you compare at least three airlines before booking your next flight. Some good airlines include Birtish Airways, American Airlines and others.

2.) Join Airline Rewards Programs

When you join an airline rewards program, and these programs are offered by all major airlines, you’ll be able to earn rewards points whenever you fly. When you rack up enough rewards points, you’ll be able to redeem them for free flights or other airline perks. Even if you’re not a frequent flyer, you’ll find that signing up for this type of program is really smart. In fact, there’s no reason why you can’t sign up for a few of them!

3.) Book at the Right Time

Experts recommend booking twenty-one to twenty-five days before departure. This recommendation is for domestic flights. For international flights, book from forty-five to sixty days in advance. A lot of people believe that booking way earlier than these guidelines specify is the key to saving money on flights, but it really isn’t true. It’s best to wait in case a great deal pops up. Also, if your plans change and you’ve booked far beforehand, you may get hit with extra fees and/or cancellation charges. It’s ok to book early. Just don’t book too early. If you do, it may backfire.

4.) Use Travel Websites to Compare Flight Prices

When it comes to shopping around online, you don’t need to visit a bunch of official airline websites unless you want to. An easier option is checking out available flights at a big-time travel deals website, such as or These websites allow users to search based on a host of flight criteria and then review flight options. This is probably the best way to get a deal online. Also look for service specific deals and coupons from travel deal sites like TrueNomads.

5.) Choose Indirect Flights

We just talked about considering layovers while comparison-shopping for flights. Some people hate layovers, while others are more open to flights that do have layovers. When you choose a flight that is indirect, you will typically pay less, so selecting a flight with a layover is really the easiest way to save money as you book. Bear in mind, some layovers are more pleasant than others.

Now that you know 5 sure ways to save money on flights, why not put them into action today? We’re here to help you save money!