Yacht Charter for Sailing Best Destinations of Croatia

By | February 23, 2021

Split is the main Croatia’s city on Adriatic Sea. It’s full of exciting destinations to visit, has many restaurants to enjoy most favorite dishes and great docks for yachts and cruisers to hire a yachting sailboat in Croatia. There are many beaches to visit and relax for you. Croatia has more or less 3,600 miles of shoreline, where the Dalmatian shore has eye-catching islands and sloppy limestone drop-offs. Split city is exactly in centre of these beaches and provides you an excellent yachting infrastructure for Black Sea yacht charters in addition to a remarkable experience because of its own exclusive natural beauty. Sailing yacht charters in Croatia is a great experience, so let’s inform you a little more about it.


You want a rental boat in Split – How to do?

This city is very simply reachable. There is an international airport in north-west part of city. This is a second biggest city of Croatia and there come millions of people each year. All over summer season, there is arrival of many seasonal special flights to generally all important European places, so deciding to go for a yachting holiday in this city is very easy.

You may prefer to travel via your car, there is a well-built system of road and especially Adriatic road to depend on that can help you to arrive exactly in Split.

This city is also linked very well by ferryboats with Italy. There’re a lot of ferryboat links from Split to many resorts and Dalmatian shore line.

On yachting vacations in Split, Croatia, you can do sailing in addition to city exploration and trying to explore the local society. There are some suggestions about what are special to do: There are some best preserved palaces dated to roman times such as Diocletian´s Palace. Walk up Bell Tower and enjoy the city view.