By | May 18, 2021

This invention is the best thing that has ever happen to boat owners. Your family and friends can be able to get out on the water to have fun and have a great experience and be safe too. This invention is also suitable for tourism, vacation rental owners, professional boaters, water sports lovers, sailors, and fishers. Hulltimate, a boating system that allows a catamaran to be transformed into a monohull with the main aim of improving the speed performance and also shock absorption. These invention increases the performance level of catamarans and allowing boats to travel faster on rougher waters with high stability.


What is Hulltimate?

Thousands of years ago, Polynesians used twin-hulled boats to sail across the Pacific. Hulltimate is the improve and modern design which is capable of both low and high-speed performance by adding the Hulltimate planning kit. With a broader range of uses through the different accessories, it allows the user to get the best of both worlds. The core mission of the Hulltimate is the innovation of the ancient boat design by the use of simple technologies to improve the catamaran speed and stability. And to make boating affordable for everyone.


What are the Key Features?

Have a great boating experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional boats. Be able to adjust your speed level and enjoy the various accessories to personalized your boating experience. Here are some of the primary key features of Hulltimate:

-It is easy to maintain

-Convenient transportation, strap it on the roof of your car or truck

-It is designed with durable materials, and it’s long-lasting

-It’s expertly designed

-It is lightweight and weatherproof


The Competitive Advantages

The most uncomplicated design is always the best. Hulltimate design makes the best boating experience for you and your family. It has a suspension system that allows the boat to comfortably be used in cases where other small boats were unused. The Hulltimate is easy to transport, with a lower cost. This design is patented and safe to handle, easily convertible for various uses including, sailing, fishing, and suspending. Hulltimate is unique, and no other model comes close at this price points.


How it Works

The Hulltimate system was designed affordably for users due to its inexpensive entry cost. With it’s revolutionary simple modular added to the boat, your boat will be able to go faster. Hulltimate also has some customized, unique accessories for users to personalize their experience.

-Trailer Kit

You will be able to transport Hulltimate over any terrain with this simple to install trailer.

-Tent Kit

With these accessories, you can pitch your tent on any ground such as swamp, rocks or uneven surfaces, and stay completely dry.

-Fishing Kit

Be able to transform your Hulltimate into a bar-style boat with enough space for your seats, coolers, and gears.


-Suspension Kit

This is the ultimate Hulltimate innovation; this kit absorbs the stronger waves. The inflatable patented insert deforms when it hits waves and acts as a shock absorber. With this kit, you will be able to travel on the water while other boats get stuck onshore.

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