3 Crucial Tips about Everest Trekking Adventure You Can’t Afford To Miss

By | May 24, 2022

If you are arranging a trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal, these are the 3 essential tips to ensure that you have a fruitful and delightful time on this lovely trek to the base of the world’s most remarkable mountain.

These are the top tips for a trek to Everest base camp.

Train Before you go. The trek to Everest Base Camp is a spectacular walk through the world most renowned path to Mount Everest. You don’t need any past specialized altitude or climbing experience to adore the trek. But you should be physically fit to have the ability to finish the trek and to completely appreciate the adventure. I would suggest that you prepare yourself by spending few days doing some kind of bizarre physical activity before you begin the trek. You can also walk for few hours consecutively to get your body prepared. In the event that you don’t have entry to mountains or slopes to prepare on, you can simply add additional weight to your backpack and simply do longer walks on the treadmill or in the exercise center.


Rationally Prepare. Subject to your level of comfort with the outside world, you may need to prepare yourself for the mountains. All accommodation on trek to Everest Base Camp is in small tea houses; run by the neighborhood Sherpa. You will have bed to rest on (though not the most comfortable bed, but rather a bed a least), in a twin-shared room. There are possibilities for showers on the trail, if you choose to utilize them; in any case, numerous people keep clean by using hand sanitizer and a bowl of warm water on daily basis. The toilet circumstances can be challenging at times, in the tea houses they are generally not Western-style toilets, rather only a gap in the ground rather than a modern toilet. You should be prepared to utilize outdoors on occasion when you are on the trail with no tea house nearby. You do need to prepare yourself for these things, as you would not want to arrive on the mountain and have higher hopes and be dissatisfied.

Get the Right Gear. There are numerous gears that are important for the trek into Everest Base Camp. I am simply going to highlight particular pieces that I perceived to be more vital. Your feet are most vibrant part of the body to take care of while trekking. Your feet should be comfortable and dry constantly. Purchase a decent, strong, waterproof pair of trekking boots and ensure that you soften them up before you leave for Nepal. In addition, purchase yourself a decent jacket. Generally the tea houses are entirely cold higher up the trail; the coat will be very useful each night during dinner. Also, have both a platypus (ie, Camelbak brand) water hauler and a Nalgene plastic jug. Drinking water is important on the mountains and I find that having a Camelbak helps you to drink more water as you don’t need to stop to get the bottle out to drink, you can take the Nalgene bottle all through the trek and have it filled with hot water each night to warm your sleeping bag. Another necessity on Everest Base Camp is having a sun cap. The sun can be greatly intense in the Himalayas, and you need to have much cover from the sun as possible. These few tips are not the only gear you will need while trekking, but they are most important that I would suggest you have it in your kit pack.


Having a tour to Everest Base Camp, Nepal has been the dream of many including me since I was a kid. With the tips above, you are at a greater chance to fruitful and delightful time on this lovely trek to the base of the world’s most remarkable mountain.

These unique tips were provided by Balaram Thapa,  Nepal Hiking Team member, most trusted local tour operator throughout Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. You can contact him directly through email: sales@nepalhikingteam.com or phone: 0977 014389212 (Balaram Thapa)

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