World’s Most Stunning Beaches For Travelers

By | October 28, 2021

Do you love lying on the beaches? If so, then you probably would select any beach place for your honeymoon, or holiday trip. Of course, everyone living in the cold area would like to spend some time on the sunny beaches as it is something he/she could just imagine. Here, we have assembled a list showing world’s most stunning beaches for travelers.

Virgin Islands National Park

Covering almost 60% of Saint John Island, the Virgin Islands National Park is a great place to enjoy your holidays and honeymoon with your loved one. Loaded with natural beauty, it includes world’s most stunning beaches that you could only dream about. Super clear water and surrounding greenery give it a heaven-like look. You could chill out your fun time swimming in the crystal-clear water and hiking on the green mountains.


Lopes Mendes Beach, Brazil

Do you love lying on the powder-white sand? Lopes Mendes Beach is a place for you where you not only enjoy sand but also a real natural beauty which seems impossible outside this amazing beach. Have fun while swimming with your loved ones and enjoy lunch with crystal clear water. What you will see there are almond trees, wild sea shrub and squat palms. Really, it is loaded with real natural scenery that will surely help you relax your mind in a soothing environment.


Blinky Beach – Lord Howe Island, Australia

While many can find lots of stunning beaches in Queensland, but this is a real treat for beach lovers. Bump up your swimming with light blue water and enjoy watching sun go down together with green mountains. This is also one of world’s most stunning beaches where you can have fun with your family members, allowing them to feast their eyes with true natural beauty.