Must Have Motorcycle Camping Gear: What’s in your Bags?

By | February 13, 2022

Getting close to nature can be a wonderful experience for many of us. Having the freedom of doing it on a motorcycle, is even more exciting. No need to look for parking or transportation, lower gas costs – just where the road takes you. However, this is an activity where one must come prepared.


Used to living in homes with heating and having stoves to cook on, camping can be a shocker for first- timers. Plus, if you are going on a motorcycle, you may want to think extra about the type of gear you want to bring – there is no huge trunk to load. So here are some essential items for motorcycle camping gear.

Lightweight tent


When you are going motorcycle camping, you are probably flying solo, or with a group of friends who’ve got their own bikes. So all you really need is a single person tent that won’t take up a lot of space and won’t weigh too much. You will need something that is strongly waterproof, easy to set up, as you might be traveling every day, and comfortable.

You can also opt for a tent that can include your motorcycle. Rain your shine, your two-wheeled friend will be safe. This type of tent has an additional section where you can store your motorcycle overnight, attached to the main part, where you will be sleeping.

Sleeping bag


Depending on where it is you are planning to go motorcycle camping, a warm or summertime sleeping bag will be on your list of essentials. This is especially critical if the weather drops at night. You won’t have heating or probably even blankets to keep you warm, so make sure you are buying a good quality sleeping bag if you plan to sleep in the cold. It doesn’t have to be huge either – look for specialized thermal options.

Similarly, if it’s going to be really warm at night, then a silk sleeping bag could be the perfect option. It folds into a tiny pouch and helps you cool down, while also keeping bugs out.

Quality headlamp


This is an absolute must. While many people bring flashlights, a headlamp is a lot more practical. You might need to cook after dark, or even set up your tent. Instead of having to hold a flashlight with your teeth, you will always have hands-free lighting.

This is an especially useful piece of motorcycle camping gear if you need to make repairs to your bike at night.

Hydration pack


While water can be readily available at some camp-sites, it is best to take the precaution and always have at least a gallon of water with you. Hydration packs are extremely useful, since you can have them inside your backpack, they maintain temperature and quality and do not spill. And, of course, they are a lot more comfortable and environmentally friendly then a bunch of plastic bottles.

Motorcycle camping is fun, brings you closer to nature and gives you amazing freedom. However, don’t forget to be responsible and bring the essential motorcycle camping gear with you – you won’t be finding it in the woods.