Things You Should Know Before Visiting Tokyo

By | November 19, 2021

Planning to visit or move to Tokyo? Well, there’re some things that you should know before visiting Tokyo. Knowing these things will definitely help you make the most of your Tokyo trip. So keep reading to learn more.

Things You Should Know Before Visiting Tokyo


The majority of people in Tokyo don’t understand English. So, it will be a little tough for you to convey your message to people in Tokyo, Japan. You may learn a few words that are mostly spoken in Tokyo. You may say arigatou’’or ‘’sumimasen’’ to thank someone for their help or service. Itadakimasu is another expression that the majority of people in Tokyo use to start a meal. Thanking shop workers, greeting staff and leaving tips for servers or waiters isn’t common in Tokyo. So you may avoid giving tips to servers and they will not mind this. You can also use a digital translator to convey your message if you’re having trouble learning or pouncing such words.

Inside Sleepers

Be sure to wear slippers whenever they’re provided. In Tokyo, it’s disrespectful to wear shoes in the premises of a temple and tea ceremony rooms. If you’re visiting someone in Tokyo, always make sure to change your shoes with house slippers if the host provides them. 

Japanese Driving

Japanese people drive on the left of the road, with the driver’s position proportionately on the right of the car. Signage is display in Romaji or English, and speeds are mentioned in Kilometers. Bikers drive on separate lanes in Tokyo. International driving licenses from many countries are acceptable in Tokyo. With an accepted driving permit, one can drive up to one year in the Japan.

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