Best Cities For Travel in 2020

By | September 1, 2022

End of year is coming and your travel planning for 2020 is already done? An important step to know where to go next year is to know which places will be on the rise and a well-qualified ranking can help. There are some best cities for travel and interesting values that you cannot lose sight of when looking for a place to visit next year. Check it out below!

Best Cities For Travel in 2020

  1. Central Asia Silk Road

Known as a series of interconnected routes through South Asia, these passages served for the silk trade between the regions of the East and Europe. Today, the region is enriched by the trade of varied products and the passage of tourists. The highlight goes to the avenue of mausoleums that contains one of the most beautiful and moving Islamic views in the world. 

  1. Le Marche – Italy

Like Italy itself, the region is divided into provinces: Pesaro-Urbino, in the north, Ancona and Macerata, in the center, and Ascoli-Piceno, in the south. Each one has a unique beauty and, between mountains on one side and the sea on the other, the region offers views of nature with vast fields. 

  1. Tohoku

Also known as Honshú do Norte, the region is mountainous, full of nature and ice. That is, for those who love a cold season, the place is perfect both for the beautiful scenery and for the activities that can be done on the ice, such as traditional skiing. The region, which is also divided between the prefectures of Miyagi, Yamagata, Iwate, Fukushima, Akita and Aomori, will increase its influence next year with the arrival of the Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo.

  1. Maine – USA

The region is known for its rocky coastline, maritime history and natural areas, such as the granite islands and peaks of the Acádia National Park. The cuisine has also figured as an attractive element in the tourist tour of the region.