Travel to Israel – Tips

By | March 13, 2023
  1. Practice SUP or surf on Tel Aviv’s beaches

An unsuspecting tourist might even think he is in New York. Tel Aviv ‘s beaches are modern, with pavements, full of kiosks and many athletes! Join the group, rent a SUP board and run to the Mediterranean Sea. It is worth mentioning that the beach also has areas where it is more frequented by athletes, others by the gay public and there is also a space for the more religious (even with weekdays for men and women separately). Moving away from the center of Tel Aviv, other beaches also enchant these much more deserted and exclusive. Rent a car and plan more guided tours in Israel

Travel to Israel - Tips

  1. Enjoy the Tel Aviv night 

Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan, modern and very young city. And with these characteristics, it could not fail to offer good ballads. The music is pulsating, the clubs are great and the night goes on well into the night. Get ready to experience not only Tel Aviv’s beaches, but also good night surprises.

  1. Try the restaurants at HaTachana Old Train Station and First Station / Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

The old train line that connected Jaffa to Jerusalem is now a great entertainment hub, both at Tel Aviv – HaTachana and Jerusalem – First Station. The place is full of good restaurants, cool shops and beautiful people. Great for a pre-party dinner!

  1. Enjoy art galleries and a leisurely stroll through Old Jaffa / Tel Aviv

The ancient city of Jaffa, founded 3000 years ago, is among the nicest walks in Tel Aviv. Getting lost among the cobblestone streets, without a clear destination, is a delightful walk. On the way, be sure to visit the art galleries and exhibitions, as well as the beautiful design shops. The top provides a wonderful view of Tel Aviv. At the end of the tour, enjoy the view of the old port.