Discover Sustainable Elephant Tourism at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Thailand – Special Pricing Available

By | August 1, 2022

Visiting an Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is a unique and life-changing experience. The first Elephant Jungle Sanctuary was founded in July 2014 by members of the Karen hill tribes of Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai locals. At the Sanctuary, visitors can interact with elephants in their natural environment, learn about their behavior, and observe how the elephants interact with one another. It is a unique experience that allows visitors to form a connection with these magnificent animals and gain a greater appreciation for their intelligence and beauty.


Not only do visitors get to see these incredible creatures up close in their natural surroundings, but they also have the opportunity to learn about elephant conservation and develop a deeper understanding of the need to protect them.

By participating in an ethical and sustainable tourism experience, visitors can help elephants while enjoying precious time observing them in their natural homes.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Thailand is the perfect destination for nature-loving travelers. The sanctuary’s mission is to create a sustainable environment where guests can interact with and learn about elephants while helping preserve the species and their habitats. With special pricing offers available, visitors have access to an incredible experience that immerses them in the sanctuary’s unique wildlife and culture.

Guests can enjoy activities such as walking with elephants, bathing with them in a mud bath, observing their behavior up close, and helping to feed and take care of the animals. The sanctuary provides daily training sessions for volunteers, visitors, and staff to ensure that each visit is as safe and informative as possible.

All tours are led by experienced and knowledgeable guides who can provide insights into the elephants’ behavior and ecology and help visitors identify which species they’ve encountered during their visit. With Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Thailand’s special pricing offers, you can experience the beauty of nature at an affordable price.