Sanctuary Lodge Byron Bay Review

By | July 14, 2021

Unicef has already released three other drug-related surveys, one on cocaine and derivatives, another on marijuana, and one more on alcohol consumption.

They announced that about millions of adolescents and adults use marijuana on a daily basis all over the world.

In September 2019, university researchers found that Brazil was the world’s second largest consumer of cocaine and derivatives, behind only the United States. According to the survey, more than 6 million Brazilians have tried cocaine or derivatives throughout their lives. 

Sanctuary Lodge Byron Bay

Growth was highest among women: 39% of respondents admitted drinking once a week or more (six years ago this rate was 29%). Another important finding showed that 27% of men who drink under the age of 30 have already engaged in aggression fights.

Sanctuary Lodge Byron Bay, a drug rehab clinic specializes in drug addiction and generally has a referenced treatment service following the latest medical and therapeutic practices for this audience through a highly skilled multidisciplinary team.

This drug rehab clinic is nothing more than an environmentally and functionally prepared environment to accommodate a drug addict and provide the best treatment so that he can return to healthier and far away from drugs.

Hospitalization is one of the most traditional forms of treatment. However, it is not the only way to treat it, it is just a step. It aims to detoxify the dependent individual. After the hospitalization period, continuous follow-up is the most indicated strategy in the disease.

This Rehabilitation Clinic is recognized for excellence and pioneering diagnosis, treatment and resocialization of patients, being a reference in the best treatments and techniques for drug addicts and alcoholics.

Our facilities are suitable to aid the recovery of chemical dependents, providing a pleasant environment and in contact with nature, which makes us better able to ensure the success of treatment.