Tips To Don’t Miss Your Travel Planning

By | April 7, 2022

Scheduling a trip is not always a simple task, as there are many details that need to be perfectly connected for the trip to go as desired. The important thing is that with dedication and practice, things get better and better. Since I know that the planning phase is still challenging for many, here is a list of the most common mistakes when planning your trip. Be careful not to commit them!

Tips To Don't Miss Your Travel Planning

  1. Travel without financial planning

You don’t have to have a lot of money to travel, but you can’t be tempted to go to London with a thousand dollars in your pocket.

Your budget will guide your trip: If you have a better financial reserve, consider that farther destination and a longer trip. If you are on a tight budget, then research which destinations appear in the list of cheapest places. To make happy trips, research cheap air ticket, accommodation, tour package, taxi hire and so on. 

  1. Not make a script in advance and do not calculate the average daily spend

In addition to information about destination, travel time, means of transport to use, add to your itinerary the places you want to visit and the cost of it all.

I like to make detailed itineraries day to day, but this is not the absolute rule. The important thing is that you define which cities you want to visit on your trip and the desired sights.

  1. Visit the sights at peak times

Although this topic has more to do with execution than with the trip schedule itself, I think it is prudent to emphasize the importance of thinking about it from the moment of travel planning.

When writing your itinerary, research peak attraction times and opt for alternate days and times. In other words: run away from the crowd.