By | July 16, 2023

Dubai, an Emirate in the UAE and one of the most modern urban hubs in the world, has earned immense popularity for numerous reasons. The City boasts of the tallest tower worldwide with 7-star properties, submerged hotels, and artificial islands. Besides, there are a thousand one things to do in Dubai.

Of the many Dubai tourist spots, the Emirate’s centerpiece is the Burj Khalifa which stands 828 meters high or 2, 716.54 feet. It does not only overshadow Dubai’s horizon but the interiors are simply spectacular. On a very sunny day, the panorama from the building’s observation deck is totally dazzling. It can only be surpassed by the vista from the posh At the Top Sky Lounge located on the148th storey. This hotel is the icon of progressive Dubai.


One of the best Dubai places to visit is the Palm Jumeirah. It is a man-made archipelago or group of islands. Palm Jumeirah is the original but smallest of three Palm Islands, the other two being Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali. It is also the biggest artificial chain of islands globally in the bright green Arabian Gulf waters. In fact, Palm Jumeirah was described as one of 8th Wonder of the World. Tourists can rent yachts to go around resort-hotels in the archipelago or use the Palm Monorail that goes all the way to the Atlantis Resort.

Among the most-frequented Dubai tourist places is the Wild Wadi Park which is known for its high-adrenaline rides which are the Wipeout, Riptide Flowrider, Burj Surj, and Tantrum Alley. Children will surely love the water guns and racing slides while grown-ups can take pleasure in Juha’s Journey Water Slide and one-meter high waves of Flood River. What makes Wipeout stand out is its capacity to shoot our over seven tons of water for every second in a narrow sheet across a molded foam assembly. This effect produces a lifelike wave effect perfect for flow-boarding, knee-boarding and body-boarding.

Nature-lovers consider Dubai Creek as among the must-see Dubai tourist spots. The saltwater brook ends up at the Ras Al Khor or Cape of the Creek Sanctuary which is a destination for thousands of migratory birds. It lies at the entrance of Dubai Creek, several meters away from the City. It is included in the remaining protected areas worldwide. Among the birds are flamingos, sandpipers, great egrets, gray herons, cormorants, osprey, and (black-winged) stilts. The haven has an area of six kilometers with salt flats, mangroves, ponds, and mud flats.

What are the other things to do in Dubai? The city is a shopping Mecca. The Dubai Mall is alongside Burj Khalifa with 1,200 stores, and boutiques as well as 150 restaurants. The mall has an indoor themed park, ice skating rink, large indoor waterfalls, giant aquarium, underwater zoo, and choreographed fountain.

In going to the Dubai places to visit, tourists can ride the water taxis used by locals daily to go to both sides of the Dubai Creek. There are beautiful mosques, Souqs (open air markets), public buildings, hotels, schools, and banks. To its credit, the government of Dubai has managed to preserve the wonderful historical attractions all over the Emirate.